Pool Care products in South Africa

Poolex Products are all about efficiency, economy and sparkling clear water designed and equipped to offer the ideal combination of energy efficient trouble free operation with crystal clear results.

Swimming Pool Products

*Poolex Solar Salt Chlorinator. *Poolex Automatic Pool Cleaner. *Poolex Cartridge Filters. *Poolex Pump Motor. *Poolex Accessories

Solar Salt Water Chlorinator

Utilizes the suns power to transform salt into usable chlorine by means of electrolysis. 

Swimming pool pumps motors & filters

Compact economical filters. High performance, energy saving pumps.

Automatic Pool Cleaner

Poolex-Vac doesn’t just clean – actually helps keep your pool from ever getting dirty.

Swimming Filters – Pump Motor

Compact economical filters. High Performance. Energy Saving Pump-Motor

Automatic Pool Cleaner Accessories

K-Mat. B-Mat. B-Foot Pad. Diaphragm 



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